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We understand that not everyone is a supermodel but we need to make sure you have good hygiene and are presentable. Bookings: To register, melbougne need to first your application for consideration. This is required so that we can answer your questions and advise the full address for our venue. There are limited spaces, so if you wanted to come I would suggest you get in quick! Payment has to be in advance via Direct Bank Deposit, ing us with your bank receipt .

About me

Our parties are definitely for sinners with a naughty inner self! So we melourne to open up our own cchat called The Kat Klub in and since then have run various types of functions and events. The party starts at 9pm and goes till late. BYO drinks, finger foods provided. If you do wish to attend a party please let me know by calling me on or by an at liaisonswinging yahoo.

The only time me phone is on is between 9am to 3pm weekdays and all melbbourne on the party dates. We do hope to see you soon. : liaisonswinging yahoo. This is not a social night swinges endless chit chat. The plan vree the night is to enter the venue get your gear off see dress code belowhave a drink and Fuck. Spectators will be asked to leave, no refund. Compulsory Dress code; underwear or nothing, upon entry.

What this means is guys MUST be invited by a couple or lady attending. The couple or lady inviting you must book you in, and you must arrive with the couple or lady unless you are known and invited by us. Chxt Lounge offers the best venue for all erotic fun events. We free for the adventurous adult parties, fun sexy theme nights and special events which can include live shows. If you want to have your own chat, just let us know.

Check out the Events Calendar for all upcoming events at the Pleasure Lounge conveniently located just minutes from the Casino. Our facilities include: A spa, sauna and a nice heated below ground pool. Melbourrne pool table and jukebox which are both free to use. We also have 3 different swinger movies running all night in various locations around the club and swigers pole for pole dancing. There are 3 play rooms out the back, two of them are open no doorsone with a leather swing chained from the roof and the other has two double beds and bondage cross for those who like to be a bit melbourne.

The third room the private room has a lock on the door, a double bed and a shower for those who are a bit shy, or who like to indulge in a private session. Throughout the night, feel free to help yourself to the non-alcoholic punch and nibbles which will always be on offer. Refreshments We are not a d premises.

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Hot Young Couples is aimed at providing exclusive sexy events for hot young couples who enjoy the company of other hot mwlbourne couples. At our events you get the opportunity to enjoy sexy cocktails, with sexy people whilst still swinvers your professional lifestyle, but allowing the inner devil, angel, sailor or anything else come out in a safe exclusive environment.

Our Sexy Chhat and Events are purely by invites only; if you think you would love to come to the next sexy event filled with young hot couples, then register for the next event! We are amongst a rare few Swingers Clubs in Perth. We are chta largest and best located club. There are several motels within a kilometer or two from the club. Our atmosphere at Burswood Swingers Club is very relaxed and suitable to first time swinging couples and single girls as well as sexy single guys wanting to party the night away.

Our staff and some of the regulars will make you welcome and help you to feel very comfortable.

Our club is for lovers of adult, consensual sex and group sex including gang bangs. We are not a commercial club and all our play and events are free. If you like to play, we are melbourne melbpurne for you. Come inside and have a look at our site. We think you will be glad you did. Perth Swingers is the place for naughty fun.

We will host our cocktail style parties at classy, up market lounge bars and nightclubs around Perth, offering the most stylish way to socialize with sexy sophisticates. Our attitude awingers be seen reflected in our achievements: one of our dancers is now with Circus de Soleil in Las Vegas and we are the club mmelbourne choice for international touring acts when they visit Western Australia.

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