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What is Instant Messaging?

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Instant Messengers: What Happened To ICQ, AIM & MSN? at

Instant messaging involves having an application with a list of people, often called a "buddy list" or "contact list" that one can communicate with. This application will indicate if any of the people in mesasge list are online.

What was the first instant message

If they are, a user can instantly send a message to any of those people, and a small window will appear on the recipient's screen with the sent message. The recipient can then respond to the message, and an online conversation is started between the wa users. Instant messaging is personal, informal, and gets quick.

Instant messaging has become so popular, that several companies have developed their own applications. This is convenient because not all users have the same messaging application.

A history of Instant Messaging and Chat

Before the Internet became popular, the most common way people communicated online was through bulletin boards. These are applications where discussion topics or hte are posted, and others respond if they have an answer or something to say on the subject.

What was the first instant message

However, as the Internet became more popular, and people began spending more time online, the need for a real time, easier to use application was realized, and online fiirst were developed. Think of an online service as a very sophisticated bulletin board. Whereas most small bulletin boards use standard communications software, online services provide a complete application that includes the communications software necessary to connect to their service.

The History of Messaging |

This application also includes the actual interface that people use once they are online and connected to the service. This allows the online service to create a very sophisticated and targeted experience for their users. The first such services were chat rooms and instant messaging.

What was the first instant message

Chat rooms were popular, but the Instant Messenger grew in popularity even more because of its personal nature. In a chat room, users must post discussion were many other people can see it. With instant messaging, only the intended user sees the message.

What was the first instant message

ICQ was the first instant messaging service developed, AIM came second, and all the others came soon on their heels. Visit HowStuffWorks. Instant messaging applications have evolved to be much more than a replacement for. Some of these are: Instant messages - Send notes back and forth with a friend wass is online Chat - Create your own custom chat room with friends or co-workers Web links - Share links to your favorite Web sites Images - Look at an image stored on your friend's computer Sounds - Play sounds for your friends Files - Share files by sending them directly to your friends Talk - Use the Internet instead of a phone to actually talk with friends Streaming content - Real-time or near-real-time stock quotes and news Personally, I have used many Instant Messengers.

What was the first instant message

Each of these applications provides similar services. The biggest difference I messae found is in the user interface. Some are very easy to navigate and to accomplish tasks with.

AOL is considered the pioneer of the online community. AOL provides its users with the ability to talk in real-time with each other while they are online through the use of chat rooms and instant messages.

What was the first instant message

A chat room is software that allows a group of people to type in messages that are seen by everyone in the "room," while instant messages are insgant a chat room for just two people. In the early s, as people began to spend increasing amounts of time on the Internet, more software developers produced Chat and Instant Messaging software.

How Instant Messaging Works

Instant messaging really increased on the Internet in November That's when Mirablis, a company founded by four Israeli programmers, introduced ICQa free instant-messaging utility that anyone could use. Until this release, AOL has made no effort to make these two applications compatible.

What was the first instant message

This is a step forward for IM interoperability. Instant messaging allows you to instaht a list of people that you wish to interact with. You can send messages to any of the people in your list, often called a buddy list or contact list, as long as that person is online.

What was the first instant message

Sending a message opens up a small window where you and your friend can type in messages that both of you can see. Most of the popular instant-messaging programs provide a variety of features: Instant messages - Send notes back and forth with a friend who is online Chat - Chat with friends or other educators in your own custom chat room Web links - Share links to your favorite Web sites Images - Attach and share images with others online Sounds - Attach and play sounds with others Files - Attach and share files by tye them directly to your "online Buddies" Talk - Use the Internet instead of a phone to actually talk with friends Tyson, Microsoft's MSN Messenger and Yahoo's Messenger are both more recent IM applications that are interesting but have limited cross platform capatability.

This instant messaging software is a built-in feature of Apple's newest OS Apple, The future of instant messaging is constantly changing and promising faster and richer features. The fruit of their efforts will eventually bring compatability of IM systems more in line with what we now enjoy with our telephones.